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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  September 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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steady and even more breezes overnight. and into the day at tomorrow, 10:30, we'll get wet real bad noontime, still heavy rain around the area. we need the rain. that's what it's going to amount to. generally up to -- but it looks like to me, the heaviest could come in the late afternoon in the or early evening tomorrow. yes, weather upon us happening right now, i'll track these showers through the area and the timeline in a few minutes. >> kevin, we'll see you then. breaking news this tonight. the family of this boston boy who reported drowned at a -- the drowning of kyzr willis raised serious questions about at those programs. >> the family can't understand why they won't release the details since the investigation is over.
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the family is devastated by the loss of this child, the family's attorney says court action is possible if the city does not release the files in this case. kaiser's death immediately lead to changes in how the camp operates. hourly head count and surveillance cameras. we are reaching out to the city
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a live report tonight at 5:00. blair. >> blair: thanks, ock. finally back to normal on 495 in foxboro where a bad crash caused serious delays. police tell us a woman in her 20s thrown from the car when it rolled over. she was not wearing a seatbelt and was seriously hurt. the crash closed part of the interstate for some time. no word on what exactly caused had. >> a worcester man in front of a attacking a baby while he was sleeping. he tried to strangle the 3 month old boy to death. now he's facing attempted murder charges. kathryn burcham is joining us now and how is that little boy doing tonight. >> reporter: at last check, in stable condition and recovering all while his uncle is being sentenced to a mental health facility where he's undergoing evaluations after a court psychiatrist said here today
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taj mcdonald was -- he called 911 yesterday afternoon, telling them, he had killed his nephew. when officers arrived, they found that 3-year-old conscious but with obvious injuries to his face and neck. the attorney says his client who had a hisster of mental health issues, may not know what he was doing during the assault. >> certainly the facts raise some concern and speaking with him certainly issues raised. and you heard the doctor had some justification for further evaluation. >> reporter: mcdonald is being held without bail at bridgewater state. new details from mcdonald's alleged confession to police about what exactly unfolded inside that apartment. for you in i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news.
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with her son. they executed a search warrant of her home in connecticut. police seen taking several items from the home. she and her son nathan went on a fishing trip. he said the boat sank and she vanished. a family fight over money and where that investigation stands right now. new at 4:00, rescue in plymouth where two people and a dog got stuck in the water. their boat sank at wake island uponed on sandy neighbors told us, they heard the boaters screaming for helpful those neighbors able to get the boat to shore safely before firefighters arrived. they were treated for exposure but expected to be okay. >> a tense manhunt overin one local town tonight. but two suspected robbers still on the run. those four men accused of storming into a home. when it happened, officers got there quickly and able to put two of those suspects in custody. one of them even had a gun.
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still out there. police asking the public to keep a look out. saying they believe those suspects may have left the area. >> right now we're waiting to see if charges will be filed that left a person in critical condition after a crash in newton. a tow truck hit two people at the corner of beacon and language lee road in newton center. rescue crews took both people to the hospital of the driver of the tow truck did stop there to answer to police. those victims are 36-year-old men from hingham and they're expected to survive. one of them ran into the lobby of the amc theatre last night to ask for helpful police say their attacker was gone by the time officers arrived. >> new at 4:00, sky fox over the mass. pike in pal her, where state police say someone was throwing rocks on to an overpass on the traffic below. one rock hit the windshield.
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some kids throwing rocks on the overpass but no one there was worse. >> the city released a statement today, saying the mayor office remained two independent auditors to look the professional conduct of chief leonard campanello and management shawn connors. both on paid administrative leave during the investigation. the mayor says there's no time frame for the audit to be done but they wanted the public to know they're being done objectively. new at 4:00, a boston seafood company facing serious violations for an ammonia leak that left one person dead. the occupational safety and health administration found problems with the company's equipment, saying it exposed caron and other employees to this catastrophic release of ammonia. the alarm system for the ammonia machine room was also not working.
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in massachusetts. the man from middlesex county and in his 60s. the department tell us he developed a less severe form of the disease and didn't have to be hospitalized. >> blair: it's so hard to say good-bye to someone who meant so much to our city. but the clock is winding down on big papi's final season of the season. tonight they're preparing for one heck of a good-bye party. they're pulling out the red carpet as the hero gets ready for the big curtain call for the final tonight at fenway, huge crowds will pack the ballpark all weekend long and everyone wants to say thank you to papi, don't they? >> reporter: yeah, they're saying thank you by showing a whole bunch of excitement as we all know here in boston, the number 34 carries a lot of weight. not just on the field, this player has touched so many lives in so many ways.
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nonstop for this memory. to make sure he had a memory of his own with personal messages say thank you. >> all of his home runs, he has a great personality. and he's always want to go do better. i just like him. >> reporter: is he more than a baseball player here in boston? >> i definitely think so, yes. definitely. he just wants the better, the best for everything. >> reporter: this huge banner hanging outside of fenway. the out field tribute was created in center field by fenway's senior grounds everyone is just pumped to see him play his last regular season home stand. >> i used to play softball in high school and they called me the girl papi because of my home runs. >> reporter: how do you say thank you to a man who brought three championships after so many years. >> it's almost like you can't. everyone is psyched to see him this season, that's the way to say thank you. >> reporter: they are going to
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will be getting into fenway a little bit earlier. if you think that out field tribute is impressive. watch our story at 5:00, you'll want to see it, when i introduce you to the man who created it. we are live outside of fenway, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> blair: we'll see you then robert. the red sox may have clinched the division but the games this weekend do mean a lot. they're competing with texas and cleveland for home field advantage in the playoffs. as of right now, the rangers will host the wild card winner, while the sox face each other. >> number 24 has support from both parties on brooklyn field to name the bridge after him. it spans the pike after ridley work. the renaming of what would become david ortiz bridge. it's already passed in the house. the bill goes to governor bakers desk. right now our crews are gathering preinterviews before
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6:00, we'll be at the ballpark for all of the celebrations, plus much more on his legendary career right now on >> kevin: there is rain moving toward fenway right now, when it will get there and what the prospects of that rain tonight. >> blair: the wife of a chelsea firefighter on a mission in her husband's memory. >> i miss him more than the world. more than the world. >> blair: what she is family feels her unimaginable heart take. >> elizabeth: but first a key clue in that train wreck that ?when you've got...? ?...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? here's pepto bismol! ah. ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that
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out the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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itician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. there's live storm radar closing on boston right now. should be at ten pay park 4:45 this afternoon. some of the heaviest rain right now to south near and on cape cod. sandwich area, northward to plymouth. i'm tracking an update in a few minutes. >> blair: rescue crews now recovered the black box recorder in the deadly new jersey train crash. investigators hope it will reveal some insight into what went terribly wrong to cause that train to barrel into a train station in the middle of rush hour. >> elizabeth: one person killed
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we're learning more about the woman who died. the national transportation board will spend the next 7 to 10 days investigating the scene to determine whatly what happened. >> reporter: investigators are searching for answers into why new jersey transit train 1614 never slowed down before crashing into the hoboken terminal thursday morning. the crash killed one woman waiting on the platform and injured more than 100 others. ntsb believes some clues will be found in the event recorders, one which was pulled last night. it will take time to recover the second one. >> right now it's a very unsafe situation. there's a canopy resting on top of the train. once that's removed, we'll be able to look more closely at this train. >> the ntsb is looking into all possible factors that could have lead to the crash. >> we're looking into every aspect of it. we like to say we look at the man, the machine be and the environment.
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the chaotic scene. >> at the end of the track is a bumper, steel bumper, it went right through the bumper and right on to the platform. >> there was this impact, and sounded like an explosion, and we were just doned. >> the engineer identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher, an employee of the transit, for 29 years. >> obviously, this is a community. we're also proud, i'm a very proud how our community came together to help each other once again through another tragedy. >> in hoboken new jersey, i'm karin caifa. >> blair: the teenager who allegedly opened fire at an elementary school was in court today. accused of killing his father and then going to the school,
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teacher. ordered to stay in a juvenile holding facility for now. yet to be determined if he will be charged as an adult. >> elizabeth: a police officer charged with killing an unarmed man pleaded not guilty in court today. tulsa oklahoma officer betty shelby has been charged with first degree manslaughter. two weeks ago, she shot and killed terrence crutcher after spotting his vehicle abandoned on the street. she's expecting back in court november 29th. tonight, more than 100 together to remember a new hampshire man police shot and killed on sunday. the state is now investigating cody la bont's death. brought police to his home and unclear what happened next. but police shot him in the chest three times. tonight's vigil will start at 6:00 p.m. at the opera house square in claremont. >> blair: a mother is suing jet blue after her son got placed on the wrong flight. that flight flying alone to new york but the airline put him on
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in boston instead. jet blue had two little boys mixed up and took several hours to track down her son. airline offered her a gift before filing today. >> kevin: impacting your evening drive, that really messes things up, especially boston. everything is spinning around this to our west, we've talked about this all week long, how this low of heavy rain is moving in today. taking its the showers ahead of it, not. have, thought there would be more of those. that's where it's located on live storm tracker radar, the storm just south of boston. moving northward at 15 miles per hour. gets into boston, 4:45 this evening. quincy just before that, coming your way at 4:20. not too many away in now. rain drops around the quincy area. the heaviest rain, yellow and orange showing up along the coast to the south and out to
4:18 pm
that. find the yellow on and off of cape cod over the sagamore bridge. that's where it's coming down the hardest right now. back here through carver, 5. also heavy rain happening right here as well. this batch is weakening as it comes northward, the dry air arrived yesterday, remember the breaks. sun out there of the clouds took over, but still dry air, that's why it's moving so slowly today. but some of it will make it into and spotty showers, with more rain filling in from the south through 11:00. after 11:00, then we're back in it. steady rain and at times heavy rain all night long, into the morning. stop at 6:30 a.m. if you're getting up that early, i'm not. but if you are, raining hard out there. 10:30 and 11:00, raining hard out there. central and eastern massachusetts. continuing through the afternoon as well. here's the good news, tomorrowing evening, lesser,
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predominantly dry through the afternoon on sunday. that's certainly good news as well. hour by hour rain fall shows that it's going to start to build up. south of boston especially even into the boston area tomorrow. up to an inch of rain could fall. 1.5 or more by tomorrow afternoon. much needed rain but boy it's coming at soaking wet time needed dry weather for the fenway festivities and weekend plans. i guess beggars can't be jdr walk tomorrow, we get out and walk this walk for juvenile diabetes. get out there despite the weather. we were just fine last year. we've had wet years even with tropical systems. be wet, bring the umbrella, bring the rain year. temperatures on the cool side. that's an understatement for most of you. 59 boston to quincy. now here at cape cod, not much
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you saw how sunday is predominantly dry. spotty showers out there. for the most part, i'm looking at how this is looking. i don't like how this is looking. hurricane matthew on the verge of becoming a category 3 hurricane. incredibly beautiful but at the same time dangerous. i'm tracking that. the seven-day forecast, dryer conditions sunday better chance of showers monday. and improving weather next week. into the week, depending what something we'll talk about in a few minutes. >> elizabeth: kevin, thank you. you wouldn't think twice about seeing an alligator in florida. look at this video, 50 of them all in the same place. this is really unusual. a group of cyclists shot this video of a lake they passed on the ride earlier this week. take a look at your screen right there, all of those mounds right there, those were gators, they stretch from one end of the lake to the other.
4:21 pm
he's stunned. >> blair: i'm sure he was speaking of rides. some massachusetts carnival goers got more than what they asked for. >> a woman dealing with big transportation troubles, she's visually impaired and tells fox 25 uber drivers won't pick her
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new at 4:00, police in gardner man want to know if you can identify this man in this truck. police say he stole a red sox flag and took off in a late model chevy ford pick up. the family of a high school football player who says he was hazed and sexual assaulted during a team trip is now suing the town of chelmsfo employee and dozens of employees failed to respond to the incident which happened at a summer football camp in 2013. the suit names the former football coach and ex superintendent as defendants. the boy was held down by his teammates, and assaulted with broom sticks. the family is seeking $300,000 in damages. >> blair: will be closed pour the rest of the big e fair in
4:25 pm
supposed to spin in a circle, lifting riders 20 feet off of the ground. for some reason, it stopped last night. firefighters had to use a ladder to get them down. many of them were kids but no one was hurt. >> i got off and they left all of the adults on the bottom on because it was unstable. >> blair: witnesses say they heard loud grounding noises right b know what went wrong. a turkey right there, keeping customers captive at the bank yesterday. see customers trying to get around the turkey to get inside. an employee had to monitor the door, letting those people in and out. >> you hear warnings to pet owners a coyote attacked and killed a dog in arlington.
4:26 pm
are known to live. the family's west island tearer was in the backyard when the coyote attacked. the mild winter may have increased the coyotes this year. why we may be seeing more about them. a wife on a mission. >> blair: her husband was a firefighter who bravely battled fires for years. but had battle with cancer and his wife is on a mission to what happened to him not to others. the new protocol she's asking for in every department. >> elizabeth: another attack on a boston woman in a neighborhood. the call for police. >> the heaviest fall near cape cod plymouth area. the latest track of the
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now at 4:30, gray and gloomy skies across our area, the rain moving this way. expecting a good soaking, storm tracker radar very colorful as the storm inches encloser. good afternoon, i'm blair miller. >> and i'm jackie henrich, in for elizabeth hopkins. >> blair: in the meantime, some neighbors -- let's go to kevin now.
4:30 pm
wrapping around that system and bugging us all week long. zoom in on live doppler radar find where it's come in. south of boston. reached 128 on the southern branch there, see it right in here. there's 128 and the rain coming across right now. poised to move into quincy momentarily not into your part of quincy already. so we've looked at boston about boston now at 5:01, given how quickly it's moving. i also want to zoom down and toward most coming down most heavily. carver middleboro, from plymouth to plympton right now. heavy rain on cape cod. that's the worse of the commute right now of boston.
4:31 pm
that dry air. a break in the action, 7:00, to 8:00. spotty showers. here comes more rain after 11:00 in the boston and worcester areas all bets off. you're going to be raining hard at times all night long, into the morning, through the middle of the day tomorrow and even into the afternoon. that's really going to start to pile up, so to speak, i guess you're not shovelling, not piling, but radding up through lunch time tomorrow, upwards of an inch, plus rain in the boston area. more to the south. potentially building up to 1.5 to 2 inches bef and done tomorrow afternoon. keep tracking where the worse showers are this still ahead to major hurricane matthew and how it can impact us too. >> neighbors in boston are on alert. a woman attacked by a man who forced her into the back with a gun. a description of the man who they're looking for in j.p. >> that's really disheartening, a lot of kids in this area. just, wow. >> the type of reaction, that
4:32 pm
neighborhood. >> in this area, i never -- i used to live in this area. i never heard of anything like that happening and so frequently too. wow. that's very off putting. >> reporter: boston says the latest incident happened at quarter of 2 thursday morning. a woman told them, a man wearing a mask approached her, showed her to give him her cell phone and walked her into a backyard where he sexual assaulted her. the suspect took down toward walden street. be awarded in this area recently. boston police say another incident happened thursday night around 10:00. the victim was a woman who had been walking on the jamaica way on the pond near with a companion. for now both are under investigation. police haven't said if the suspect may be involved. those who live and work in the area are on alert. >> i'm typically very vigilant. i'm not on my phone. i don't walk with headphones for those reasons. but i never heard of anything
4:33 pm
that's really shocking. >> police are urging people in this area to do just that, remain on alert, be vigilant. they're also asking for the public's helpful if you have any information, give police a call. >> blair: two brockton police officers are cleared in a deadly shooting from last summer. the attorney general's office say the two officers will not face charges for shooting 35-year-old douglas buckley in july of 2015. according to the investigation, he pointed guns at police and said he was going to kill him. the police fired in self-defense, the ag says. >> 16 students suspended all of this in the past two days at brockton high school. police tell fox 25, four people were arrested yesterday, when several fights broke out. then this morning, more brawling between the students. four more arrests and when three fights broke out, including one on a school bus. school officials aren't sure what caused this violence but might have something to do with
4:34 pm
>>. also at 4:00, this guy not only skimmed out on paying the t but also assaulted a boston police officer. mbta police say they saw steven bury trying to evade paying yesterday, when they went to cite him, he had several warrants out for his arrest, including assault and battery on a police officer. new at 4:00, beacon street in brooklyn is back open following a crash this morning. according to police, a car hit right there. the driver was sent to the hospital with serious injuries >> here's some good news for all of you. a new commuter rail opening in fitchburg today to big crowds. the mbta tweeted a picture of wachusett station this morning. here you can see people getting on the platform as they waited for their trip to boston. for now, there's just two inbound trains and two outbound trains each day.
4:35 pm
november. >> blair: a new poll shows hillary clinton is in control in new hampshire. that poll released by wver, shows hillary clinton leading donald trump 42% to 35%. that poll also found more voters believe clinton won monday's debate. both camps paying attention to the granite state. trump and clinton both campaigned there earlier this week. while most of us were fast asleep, trump was wide awake and going on a twitter tirade over a former kim hutchinson has the story. >> reporter: republican presidential donald trump alls alicia machado my worse ms. universe. and advised people to check out her sex tape. snoeps has declared trump's claims to be mostly false. tried to appear in playboy and a
4:36 pm
tirade unhinged and says, what kind of man says up all night to -- ma shod dough says these attacks are -- >> you had a debate that took place when? monday. we're still talking about alicia machado on friday. all because of donald trump's inability to let it go. >> what he said about her record so it highlights the problem he has relating to the truth. and it also abilities to shoot himself in the foot. >> jack kingston questions machado's credibility and when attacked trump also responds in kind. >> i don't know ms. machado, i've seen many interviews with her. she's not a very credible witness, you might say. when donald trump gets pushed, he pushes back. >> i'm kim hutchinson reporting.
4:37 pm
than 30 years. officer mike fecteau is retiring today. he's been with the department for 32 years. congratulations to him. >> it is a down right creepy crime. a robber in the house, while homeowners were fast asleep. wants to see this all new at 5:00. >> two american sisters found dead during their vacation overseas. the strange circumstances
4:38 pm
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here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state.
4:40 pm
the relatives of two american sisters found dead while vacations are demanding answers. 42-year-old robin and anna were found unresponsive on thursday. they were at a resort at the indian ocean off of the coast of africa. excess water in the women's lungs and brain and no signs of injuries. the toxicology report is still pending. family members travelling there to gather details and bring the women's educated attorney admits to a terrifying kidnapping in california. it's a bizarre case we've been following for months. as drew blair reports matthew miller pleaded guilty and now awaiting sentencing. >> i'm shocked because i've known matthew all of his life. >> he is the muller family person spokesperson, he calls matthew intelligence and energetic. >> what happens is out of character. >> he pleaded guilty of kids
4:41 pm
tieing up her boyfriend for several days. he faces a maximum sentence of 40 years behind bars but the judge could ignore that agreement. >> i hope it's a good deal. >> it's a dangerous guy. >> erin quinn's mother sat in on the hearing. >> right now i'm feeling fairly good about it. >> she says the entire deal is a tragedy. >> this is awful. >> initially called the crime a hoax. once denise appeared several days after she had gone missing. >> botched from the beginning by the police and the fbi that was involved with it. >> quinn blames authorities for how things transpired, causing more pain for the family. >> it could've been stopped, it could've stopped that first night if they had actually done their job. and that is the most disheartening part of it. >> the case led to a lawsuit by the couple against police for falsely accusing them for faking their own abduction, which is
4:42 pm
it the gone girl case. referring to the book and movie that starred ben affleck. the home invasion robbery a few months earlier. >> watching the rain move northward into boston right now. moving very slowly, the heaviest down the coast. track where that is going through the evening and more rain to come overnight. >> blair: and a mail carrier makes a disturbing discovery. needles showing up inside a maim drop box. how the postal service is changing. looking for balance in your digestive syst? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support.
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live storm tracker radar, showing most of worcester county, heavy radar moving along 495 at this hour. track northward. zoom right down to the 495 stretch. see the yellow showing right here. milford, up to uxbridge, eastward toward medway along
4:45 pm
particularly long and west of the pike, west of worcester county, pretty much the whole ride through. boston waiting for the rain drops to come on in. minutes away. so am i, with an update. >> drugs, a gun and a cash. this picture shows boston police yesterday during a drug investigation on bore rel street in roxbury. police found bags of marijuana and cocaine, plus more than $4,000 in cash and a loaded gun. one person faces charges now. manchester new hampshire is getting help fighting the the city will receive money in operation hammer. the money will be used for drug sweeps raids and other ways to target drug activity. operation hammer is providing $1.5 million to law enforcement to help battle the opoid epidemic. >> blair: a mail carrier found a bunch of dirty needles inside a mail drop box. as christine mccarthy found out,
4:46 pm
now to make changes. >> reporter: a disturbing discovery in a mali well box. >> i'm glad i wasn't the mailman that's for sure. >> reporter: sadly not surprising. >> a little crazy but not surprising. >> reporter: the mail carrier opened the collection box on appleton street monday to find several needles and syringes like these which we easily spotted downtown. >> pretty much every day. >> reporter: lowell police regularly receive calls from >> unfortunately, almost daily now. >> reporter: this area of appleton street is known for heavy drug use, but because the epidemic is so rampant across all social classes the needles can be found anywhere. >> we're finding needles disposed of everywhere, good neighborhoods, bad neighborhoods, there is no safe place any more. >> reporter: the postal service says this incident is very rare but not unprecedented because of safety concerns for the mail carrier and the general public,
4:47 pm
mailbox. they caution residents of lowell and every elsewhere. >> it occurs everywhere, big cities and small towns. something we're dealing with. something to, aware of and be careful. >> christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> blair: fortunately, the syringes were capped and didn't prick anyone. there were also half empty beer cans and other debris. they're now relocating the mailbox to a block or two away within a week or so. >> police in new hampshire are warning neighbors of a credit a merrimack woman says an envelope in her mail had her address but a different name. later a man showed up at her door asking for the mail, and when she refused, she said, he barged his way in. the envelope contained a credit card the suspect applied for with stolen information. >> this is not just a waiting game for them. the truck rolls up, delivers it, puts it in the mailbox and grabs it right out of the mailbox and gone. >> fortunately, the police
4:48 pm
larger crime ring. police say if you get something in the mail with someone's's name, be sure to call them. >> blair: the agency recommended approving a proposed $1 million expansion at the hospital. the new clinical building would be built over a popular healing garden. supporters are seeking legal action to stop, the began they believe that expansion will close the gaen project later this month. >> this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> kevin: tracking this rain coming through all day. i want to switch over to this, waiting for the first rain drops to come on through. nothing happening just yet. but it's on your doorstep. let's track that rain coming toward you. a slow progression to the no either at about 15 miles per hour. that leading edge past 128. zoom on down, so you can see where it's at. just clipping the braintree split. a couple of light rain drops in the quincy area.
4:49 pm
there. but again moving north at 15 miles per hour. so newton, get you in there at 4:57. just a few minutes away. boston at 5 minutes past 5:00. there it was 5:1. that northern fringe gets eaten away by the northern air. slow progression of the light rain. but the heavy rain creeping up the coastline. something we'll be watching. weakening because of that dry air in place, it's a battle right now. i expect more steady and between 10:00 and 11:00 in worcester county. and overnight period of heavy rain. not going to rain all of the time hard. but not even in your town all the time. but periods of steady rain, overnight and into the middle of the day as well. stopped it at representative, tomorrow night's game at fenway is at 7:00, the rain will just be pulling away. they will be able to play this as long as they keep that field
4:50 pm
an inch of rain very likely. to the south. 1.5 to 2 inches of rain possible. that can build up to 2.5 inches to south and 1.5 in boston. that would be heavy rain to come through. it's also what i've seen worse case scenario as far as rain production. we have so much water in the air right now. that really could get this heavy lots going on at fenway park. 56 degrees. a risk of showers through the game. but not expected to rain all through the game. steady rain for the game. some happening in a few minutes. and then there will be periods of showers, through the games this evening that they should be able to play through. wake up forecast. rain heavy at times through the morning and through the day tomorrow. our jdrf walk is at esplanade the hat shell, bring your rain gear, 53 degrees at 9:00, rain
4:51 pm
doesn't sound great. think of it this way, in the north of winter, you'll be begging for 58 degrees. all mind-set. through the afternoon, high temperatures will be in the 50s. that's it. cambridge, 58, throughout the somerville temperatures. if you do, everybody will be flocking there, that will be nice and warm. sunday, a couple of spotty showers throughout new and florida, most of you will stay dry for the day on sunday. i like the improvement coming our way. this is hurricane matthew. major four. that's why i put this in there. hoping it would be update while i was talking to you. it's now category three. category four. the bottom line, three or four hurricane, hopefully not stronger than that. hitting jamaica and cuba and into the bahamas by wednesday. dangerous storm and tracking very closely. seven-day forecast doesn't show anything from matthew yet were but shows the clouds through the end of the week, which could be associated with that storm.
4:52 pm
track for tonight. and i'm back in a few minutes. >> blair: next, a heart broken widow keeping her husband's memory alive by helping a cause in his honor. >> this is a void that never be able to fear. >> blair: she's making sure no other firefighter family is feeling the pain she's living through right now. but here's mark ockerbloom what we're working on at 5:00. >> a visually impaired woman against. she says local uber drivers have refused drives to her because she has a guide dog. what uber is telling us about who drivers will and will not pick up. plus. >> and that is a moment a local kid found out he was a big winner. how charlie's fascination with rockets just launched him can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist.
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4:56 pm
chelsea firefighter is making it her mission to help other first responders an prevent tragedies like the one that killed her husband. firefighter pete gannon was just 37 years old when he died earlier this month as a result of years of being exposed to intense fires. he and his wife had two daughters and life was busy, like most young families, but that all changed last year and now this woman told me how she's still fighting for him. >> the reporter: his world came to an end, just 27 days ago. pete candler, a chelsea firefighter who spent a lifetime fighting fires, died at the age of 37 from cancer. how did you all know something was wrong? we didn't. we had no idea that anything was wrong. he wasn't symptomatic. >> the reporter: his wife michelle said pete hurt his foot and the pain wouldn't go away. >> he was taking high doses of motrin a couple times a day and
4:57 pm
it wasn't the ulcer bleeding, it was the tumor. the goal was to get him as much time as he could. >> the reporter: less than 13 months later, pete was gone. >> it was so fast. >> the reporter: years of battling intense fires and chemicals is what doctors said led to his cancer. today, with the flowers from his service still hanging in their home, and surrounded by his memories, michelle now finds it her calling to help other firefighters. not only getting the word out about how serious the cancer and fire what can we do to help prevent this from happening to somebody else. >> the reporter: pushing for changes within the fire service, including cancer screeningings at a younger age, a wakeup call for everyone. >> it's an eye opener, from diagnosis to death on peter, it was a year, and like i said, you would know he was sick a day in his life. >> the reporter: my cell phone signal and pete had two kids together, a lifetime of love, dreams, still to be pursued. now, no more.
4:58 pm
>> oh, i miss him more than the world. more than the world. and i would do anything to prevent this to happening to another young family. >> blair: she's so incredibly brave and firefighters in chelsea told us they have two sets of gear, so once they return from a fire, that gear gets cleaned and if there's then another calm, they use the backup gear, which is clean. i just can't imagine everything she has been through. >> elizabeth: she's strong besides. happening right now, its family of a little boy who drown at summer camp is demanding answers from the city of boston. >> blair: fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: first at 5:00 p.m., we are tracking rain, lots of it, as you can see right here. storm tracker radar lit up as the system heads our way. the skies are dark over boston, the city and most of our area will get a good soaking before this night is over.
4:59 pm
>> elizabeth: i'm elizabeth hopkins in for vanessa welch. let's get right over to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, who has been tracking the rain all weekend. >> kevin: we want the rain, but not on its weekend. still cloudy over boston, not much rain falling just yet. this is our live storm tracker radar, loop showing the rain moving northward. i'm going to stop it and zoom in here, so we can see whereabouts is, just getting into some parts of the city, at least the south end, maybe seeing some raindrops right now. this gets to push off toward the clearly most of worcester county has it, but it's the north shore of massachusetts that's not in it just yet, so boston, by 5:12 p.m. downtown, you should have it. now it's been slowly eating away on the northern fringe, getting some of the heavier rain and yellow off to the southwest, 495 and down the coast around plymouth. this will continue to track northward tonight. i will expect it to taper off for a while and come back as steady and heavy rain after 11:00 p.m. tonight through the morning. it won't rain all the time, but at times, it will come down
5:00 pm
about, just briefly, is this, because this is a mainly -- will be a major story into the weekend. category 4 hurricane. now, that's matthew, going to come around the bend, still forecast to steer its way toward jamaica, cuba and the bahamas. we'll be talking about what impact that may have on us as well. a live storm tracker radar update and the latest timing on where the rain will be and i'll take the timeline through tomorrow so you can plan your saturday as well, ahead in a few months. >> mark: two months after a little in boston, the family is still waiting for answers about his death. 7-year-old kyzr willis died in boston and late this afternoon, his family held a news conference and said they hired a attorney and are putting the city on notice. erika richie with what this family is looking for. >> the reporter: ock, they want the city's attention and they've enlisted us, the attorney and the media, to get it, because


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